Sajou La Fontaines' Fable cross stitch chart - The Hare and the Tortoise embroidered in full colour

Cross stitch chart - The Hare and the Tortoise

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Cross stitch chart - The Hare and the Tortoise - La Fontaine's Fable


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Cross stitch pattern chart - The Hare and the Tortoise - La Fontaine's Fable

Pattern to embroider in cross stitch or in petit point.
Each of the patterns in this series dedicated to La Fontaines' fables contains on one side a version of the motif in colour and on the other side, the same motif in unicolour. Our patterns are all printed on large format paper (29,7 x 42) and are very easy to follow.
Size of this motif: 90 x 90 points.
Presented in pretty printed folders, the colours vary according to our stocks.
Thread and fabric not supplied.
When using 12 count embroidery linen and sewing over 2 threads, the finished piece will measure 15cm each side.
Sewing over 2 threads using 16 count linen, your piece will measure 11.3cm each side.
Sewing over 5.5 count Aida, your piece will measure 16.5cm each side. Don’t forget to leave a border around your embroidery.
For the multicolour version, 10 colours of our our Retors du Nord embroidery thread: are needed: 2004, 2009, 2013, 2024, 2034, 2221, 2317, 2332, 2443 and 2570.
With just one click you can purchase here all the embroidery threads for this pattern chart with a 10% discount.
The Hare and Tortoise is in our cross stitch kit La Fontaine's Fables - Episode 1.
Special letter tariff for this product.
Attention: the letter tariff is only applicable for certain products up to 250g total weight.
To run is nothing ; we must timely start.
The hare and tortoise here shall teach the art.
“ Let's bet,” the tortoise said, “ my clever spark,
Which, you or I, the first shall gain that mark.”
“ The first ? what, are you mad ? “ the hare replied
“ Take hellebore and purge ; your talk is wide.”
“ Well, mad or not, I’ll bet !” the tortoise cried.—
The stakes accordingly were paid,
And near the winning-post were laid.
What were the stakes we won't say in this place,
Nor who it was that judged the race.
The hare had scarce four jumps to make,
Of such as, nearly caught, he’s wont to take ;
Leaving the hounds behind, who then may wait
For the Greek Kalends, roaming until late.
Taking his time, to feast at ease,
And list and sniff whence comes the breeze,
The hare lets now the tortoise go,
Like a grave bishop pacing slow.
And now behold the tortoise gone,
Toiling, hastening slowly on.
The hare the bet but little prized,
And such a victory despised ;
He thought, in his great pride of heart,
’Twas yet too soon for him to start.
So, browsing, resting at his ease,
Oblivious of his bet, he sees
The tortoise the wished goal about to gain,
He sprang like lightning, but he sprang in vain :
The tortoise won just as the hare took flight.
“ Well,” she exclaimed, “ good runner, was I right ?
What means your swiftness, yielding thus to me ?
And if you bore your house, what would it be ? ”
Jean de La Fontaine - The Hare and Tortoise
La Fontaine's museum in Château-Thierry.
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    I like the old-fashioned design of these grids. They're a good size, and the paper is of good quality. Their presentation in cardboard envelopes decorated with colorful motifs is very pretty. (Translated review)

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    Beautiful pattern (Translated review)

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