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Cross stitch pattern Perrault's fairy tale Tom Thumb

Cross stitch chart - Tom Thumb

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Cross stitch chart - Tom Thumb - Perrault's Fairy Tale


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Cross stitch pattern chart - Tom Thumb - Perrault's Fairy Tale

Pattern to embroider in cross stitch or in petit point.
Each of the patterns in this series dedicated to Perraults fairy tales on one side a version of the motif in colour and on the other side, the same motif in unicolour. The instruction sheet contains the paragraph that it illustrates in the tale.
Size of the motif: 90 x 90 points.
Size of the motif in cm: 15 x 15cm on 12 count embroidery linen over 2 threads - 11.3 x 11.3cm on 16 count linen over 2 threads - 16.5 x 16.5cm on 5.5 count Aida.
Don’t forget to leave a border around your embroidery!
For the multicolour version, you will need 19 colours of our Retors du Nord embroidery thread: 2332, 2223, 2227, 2445, 2180, 2037, 2001, 2005, 2190, 2039, 2570, 2013, 2032, 2409, 2026, 2025, 2041, 2876 and 2874.
Our patterns are all printed on large format paper (29,7 x 42) and are very easy to follow. They are presented in pretty printed folders, the colours vary according to our stocks. The interior of the folders have printed reminders of the basic embroidery stitches.
Thread and fabric not supplied!
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"Your husband," said Little Thumb, "is in very great danger.
He has been captured by a gang of thieves, who have sworn to kill him
if he does not give them all his gold and silver.
He went out, and ran this way and that over a vast amount of ground.
At last he came to the very road where the poor children were,
and not more than a hundred paces from their father's house.
They saw the ogre coming, who was stepping from mountain to mountain,
and crossing over rivers as easily as if they were little streams.
Little Thumb hid himself and his brothers in a nearby hollow rock,
all the while keeping watch on the ogre.
The ogre was very tired from his long and fruitless journey
(for seven-league boots are very tiring to wear),
and decided to take a rest.
By chance he sat on the rock where the little boys had hid themselves.
He was so tired that he fell asleep,
and began to snore so frightfully that the poor children
were no less afraid of him than when he had held up his large knife
and was about to cut their throats.
However, Little Thumb was not as frightened as his brothers were,
and told them that they immediately should run away towards home
while the ogre was asleep so soundly,
and that they should not worry about him.
They took his advice, and soon reached home.
Little Thumb came up to the ogre,
pulled off his boots gently and put them on his own feet.
The boots were very long and large,
but because they were enchanted,
they became big or little to fit the person who was wearing them.
So they fit his feet and legs as well as if they had been custom made for him.
He immediately went to the ogre's house,
where he saw his wife crying bitterly for the loss of her murdered daughters.
Charles Perrault
Tom Thumb
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