Cross stitch pattern Grimm's fairy tale - The six Swans

Cross stitch chart - Six Swans

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Cross stitch chart - Six Swans - Grimm's Fairy Tale

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Cross stitch pattern chart - Six Swans - Grimm's Fairy Tale

Pattern to embroider in cross stitch or in petit point.
Each of the patterns in this series dedicated to Grimm's fairy tales. On one side a version of the motif in colour and on the other side, the same motif in unicolour. The instruction sheet contains the paragraph that it illustrates in the tale.
Our patterns are all printed on large format paper (29,7 x 42) and are very easy to follow.
Size of this motif: 90 x 90 points. When using 12 count embroidery linen and sewing over 2 threads, the finished piece will measure 15cm each side. Sewing over 2 threads using 16 count linen, your piece will measure 11.3cm each side. Sewing over 5.5 count Aida, your piece will measure 16.5cm each side. Don’t forget to leave a border around your embroidery.
For the multicolour version, 17 colours of thread are needed. Our recommendations for the colours with our Retors du Nord thread: 2317, 2013, 2012, 2042, 2549, 2223, 2409, 2443, 2032, 2030, 2190, 2350, 2780, 2003, 2041, 2005 and 2777.
Our patterns are presented in pretty printed folders, the colours vary according to our stocks. The interior of the folders have printed reminders of the basic embroidery stitches. Thread and fabric not supplied.
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…The king had been married before,
and his first wife had left seven children, six boys and one girl,
whom he loved better than all the world,
and as he was afraid the step-mother might not behave well to them,
and perhaps would do them some mischief,
he took them to a lonely castle standing in the middle of a wood.
There they remained hidden,
for the road to it was so hard to find that the king himself
could not have found it, had it not been for a clew of yarn,
possessing wonderful properties, that a wise woman had given him;
when he threw it down before him, it unrolled itself and showed him the way.
And the king went so often to see his dear children,
that the queen was displeased at his absence;
and she became curious and wanted to know
what he went out into the wood for so often alone.
She bribed his servants with much money,
and they showed her the secret, and told her of the clew of yam,
which alone could point out the way;
then she gave herself no rest until she had found out where the king kept the clew,
and then she made some little white silk shirts,
and sewed a charm in each, as she had learned witchcraft of her mother.
And once when the king had ridden, to the hunt,
she took the little shirts and went into the wood,
and the clew of yarn showed her the way.
The children seeing some one in the distance,
thought it was their dear father coming to see them,
and came jumping for joy to meet him.
Then the wicked queen threw over each one of the little shirts,
and as soon as the shirts touched their bodies,
they were changed into swans, and flew away through the wood.
So the queen went home very pleased
to think she had got rid of her stepchildren;
but the maiden had not run out with her brothers,
and so the queen knew nothing about her…
Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
The Six Swans

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