Wonderful cartonnage by Hélène Chalendard-Chireux

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Hélène Chalendard-Chireux et ses créations à la boutique Sajou Paris


A meeting in the Sajou Paris store, I turn up and Hélène is already there
with all her works of art displayed on the table. I was flabbergasted!
A gorgeous intricate box, a small cabinet full of rolls of ribbon, a scalloped needlework box…
They would not be out of place in a museum, such is the perfection and good taste of the work.
It is thanks to Marie Suarez, the famous embroidery designer, that this meeting took place, 
and the Lord knows that Marie has the highest standards. 
“You’ll see – it’s impossible to find better”, she told me.



Hélène Chalendard-Chireux à la boutique Sajou Paris

The softness of her smile is the measure of her energy and patience for teaching the secrets of her passion for cartonnage. This extraordinary teacher has one obsession in life: transmit a knowledge which is no longer taught today..


Hélène Chalendard-Chireux has been making cartonnage objects for over fourty years.
She obtained a teaching diploma for handicrafts
at a time when this diploma required the practice
of many subjects such as silkscreen printing, technical design, dressmaking, patchwork, etc… After five years of studies, she found herself professor of arts and crafts and home economics. She taught for a long time in Paris and then
on Reunion Island. In the 1970’s, the Ministry
of Education decided to stop handicrafts in schools, to her great disappointment,
and she found herself teaching technology!.

Hélène decided to specialize in cartonnage because, as she says “it is the most creative. The possibilities are endless because we can combine embroideries, fabrics, papers, silk painting and drawing.
It is a great base for many artistic activities.
Furthermore, it is a very satisfying technique
because the results are rapid – in one or two days, three for something very complicated,
you can have your creation in your hands.”. »

L'armoire aux galons d'Hélène Chalendard-Chireux

The ribbon cabinet – one of the many works of art by Hélène.
Everything is in cartonnage, including the ribbon discs. Her secret?
She considers cardboard offers the same possibilities as wood.

Boîte de rangement couture par Hélène Chalendard-Chireux

Scalloped edge and side drawers for this small sewing box.
These boxes are on show in the Sajou Paris store until November.


Hélène will be leaving her home in the south of France especially to come
to the Sajou Paris store to give some cartonnage lessons.
These will take place on two consecutive days.

See this article and choose the box you will make in your next cartonnage class.

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