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Published : 07/3/2015 13:42:35
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Une partie de la devanture boutique Sajou Paris

The store Sajou Paris shop is open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm.

47, rue du Caire - 75002 Paris - 01 42 33 42 66

Métros: Sentier - Strasbourg-Saint-Denis - Réaumur-Sébastopol - Bonne Nouvelle

Buses: 20, 29, 38, 39, 47, 67, 74 and 85

The history of Sajou is peppered with a series of amusing encounters and anecdotes. Installing the shop in the rue de Caire is one of these. In fact, Frédérique Crestin-Billet was not looking to open a store – it was proposed by one of the last haberdashery wholesalers in the area who wanted to reduce his activities. Having spent the past 50 years in the premises, he had his heart set on it remaining a haberdashery.

Things went quickly from there: work started in July and the store was opened on the 21st September 2013.

la boutique Sajou à Paris             

The decoration is based on our small showroom in Versailles: 
orange and blue cement tiles combined with wood.
A few antique cabinets were sanded down and repaired to blend
with our re-edition haberdashery furniture.

Les produits Sajou dans la boutique Sajou Paris

Sajou Paris In Sajou Paris you can, of course, find all our Sajou products
as well a
s all the Fil Au Chinois threads, including our specialist leather work threads.

Les fils Fil Au Chinois à la boutique Sajou Paris

 Vous You will also find a selection of fabrics,
buttons and ribbons which are not available on our web site.

Boutons et rubans à la boutique Sajou Paris


The installation in the Sentier district of Paris is a return to the roots of Sajou because the original office was for a long time in the neighbouring rue Rambuteau and then in Boulevard Sébastopol.

This amusing district was built during the Egyptian expedition vigorously led by Bonaparte between 1798 and 1801, which is reflected by the names of the streets - Caire, Aboukir, Alexandrie. Besides the military aspect of the expedition, the goal was also scientific and cultural. It was the start of a fascination for the Orient in general which was very fashionable in Europe for many years to come.

The Sentier was a bustling district of the clothing industry and considered as the capital of textile and haberdashery in Paris. This is now changing with the arrival of many IT and digital start-ups in the area.

Among this modern universe, The Sajou Paris store finds itself as a symbol of tradition of the area, whilst being part of the revival of quality products made in France.

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11/23/2016 19:20:47

Cette boutique est merveilleuse ! Une sorte de caverne d'Ali-Baba pour brodeuses et couturières. Tout y est d'un goût exquis. Les produits sont d'une qualité exceptionnelle et, ce qui ne gâche rien, fabriqués en France. Moi qui habite Toulouse, je prévois toujours deux ou trois heures à passer chez Sajou à chaque fois (trop rare) que je monte à Paris.


11/23/2016 19:15:19

<p>This shop is a kind of marvellous world! Everything is nice, shop and products. And people working here are so nice! You must go and visit this haberdashery shop.</p>

Jennifer and friends

06/27/2015 09:34:26

Our favorite shop: the best haberdashery in the world !!!!


06/27/2015 09:32:17

I do LOVE this Sajou shop. You must to there if you are in Paris.

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Sajou store in Paris

47, rue du Caire 75002 Paris

01 42 33 42 66

boutique Sajou à Paris

Métro : Sentier
Bonne Nouvelle

Opening hours 
Monday to Saturday 
10.00am to 7.00pm

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