Sewing a perfect mitred angle

Sewing a perfect mitred angle

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Sewing perfect angles

For the release of our spectacular Farandole Alsacienne plaid, we have released a video showing a simple method for mitred angles. Obviously this method can be adapted for other projects and makes a perfect frame for an embroidery and a great way to make table mats
The backing fabric on this plaid will be folded over the front of the embroidery to form a border with mitred angles. We recommend using a plain fabric or one with a multidirectional motif.
Examples of embroideries with the backing fabric forming the frame of the project.

Calculating the fabric

To calculate how much fabric you will need, measure the finished embroidery cut to size.
Decide how large a border you want.
For example, if your finished embroidery measures 30 x 20cm and you want a 5cm border, cut the backing fabric to the size of the embroidery + four times the size of border:
- 30cm + 4 x 5cm = 50cm,
- 20cm + 4 x 5cm = 40cm,
- So you will need a piece measuring 50 x 40cm.
For a thoroughly refined result, we recommend lining your plaid with wadding. The dimensions should be the same as the size of the embroidered fabric.

How to mount the plaid

We are using here the example of our Farandole Alsacienne plaid.
  • Cut the backing fabric so it is 10cm larger on each side of the embroidery.
  • On the wrong side of the backing fabric, trace a line at 10cm from each border (the red line on the diagram) and a second line at 5cm from each border (the black line on the diagram).
Diagram of lines to draw on wrong side of fabric.
  • Pin tightly the embroidery and wadding onto the backing fabric aligning with the red lines.
  • As this project is of a substantial size, we recommend a few stitched lines to hold it solidly in place: stitch horizontally on the right side of the embroidery four lines, just below the grass under the character’s feet. These lines are stitched under the first row of characters, the third, fifth and seventh. Use a sewing thread that matches with the embroidery thread, so they will be practically invisible.
  • Place the piece with the embroidered side facing you.
  • Fold over the backing fabric towards the embroidery at the 5cm line. Press with iron
  • Fold over again and press with iron.
Watch our video on how to make simple mitred angles.
  • Fold the plaid in half diagonally, right sides of backing fabric together. Make sure that the lines on the fabric match up. Use a couple of pins to hold in place.
  • Trace a line at 90° from the linen fabric to the 5cm line.
  • Stitch along this line and cut off the excess at 1cm.
  • Open the seam with an iron and turn right side out.
  • Push the corner out and press with iron. Do the same on the other corners.
  • Tack solidly into place and stitch all around a 2 millimetres from the fold.
See our Alsatian Farandole plaid with mitred angles:

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