Sewing our four square cushions

Sewing our four square cushions

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Sewing our four square cushion kits

You will find here all the explanations for sewing our small cushions with four embroidered squares.
We highly recommend that you watch our video which shows all the tips for making the cushions.

What you need

  • We recommend using a FriXion pen for markings, as they have the advantage of reacting to heat so the lines will disappear with the heat of an iron.
  • If you have a cutting board, this is ideal.
  • You will need some pins, preferably with a glass tip. They are more visible and will not melt if you iron them.
  • A good pair of scissors for cutting the the fabrics.
  • Stuffing for the cushion. For a more refined result, we recommend making a slightly smaller cushion in white cotton.

Cutting the embroideries and fabrics

Unless the embroideries have got dirty, it is advisable not to wash them before making the cushion.
  • Iron the four embroideries on the wrong side and cut each one to make a 12 centimetre square. We show you a simple method for this in our video.
  • Next, use the FriXion pen to mark stitching lines at 1cm from the edges.
  • For the central band, cut a rectangle measuring 12 x 22cm.
  • For the back of the cushion, cut a rectangle measuring 32 x 22cm.
  • Iron.

Assembling the cushion pieces

  • Take the first embroidery which is on the top left of the cushion.
  • Place the next embroidery upside down on top if it, right sides together.
  • Pin and tack the bottom seam and stitch at 1cm from the edge.
  • Do the same for the other embroideries.
  • Press open the seams with an iron.
  • Assemble the two rectangles with the central band, stitching at 1cm from the edge.
  • Press open the seams with an iron.
  • Trace a stitching line at 1cm from all the edges.
  • Pin and sew the “Créé par moi” label on the backing fabric at roughly 3cm from the botton right.
  • Place front and back of the cushion right sides together.
  • Pin and tack, then sew all around at 1cm from the edges, leaving an opening on the bottom seam of about 10cm.
  • Pink the corners and delicately turn inside out. Watch our video for top tips for getting perfect angles.

Stuffing the cushion

Stuff the cushion and close the opening with small invisible stitches.
Top tip from our professional seamstress: : make a small cushion from white or light fabric measuring 1cm less than the cushion, 29 x 19cm, and stuff this.
The result of your cushion will be much more professional.
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