Sewing our embroidery lined case kits

Sewing our embroidery lined case kits

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Sewing our embroidery case kits

You will find here the explanations for sewing our embroidered cases, with their lining.
We recommend you watch our video which will show you all the details and tips to achieve a great result.
This method can be used for all sorts of pouches and cases by adapting the dimensions to the size of your project.

The sewing material you need

  • If you have a cutting board, this is ideal. 
  • We recommend using a FriXion pen for markings, as they have the advantage of reacting to heat so the lines will disappear with the heat of an iron.
  • You will need some pins, preferably with a glass tip. They are more visible and will not melt if you iron them.
  • And, of course, a good pair of scissors for cutting the the fabrics.

Assembling the embroidery and backing fabric

We do not recommend washing your embroidery before assembling, unless it has got really dirty.
  • Once the embroidery is finished, cut the excess linen around the motif to obtain a rectangle measuring 10 x 17cm.
  • For the backing fabric, cut a piece of the same dimensions.
  • Place right sides together, pin on the left side of the embroidery (don’t forget to check the direction of the pattern).
  • Stitch at 1cm from the edge. Press open the seam with an iron.

Cutting and assembling the lining

  • Cut the lining fabric: 18 x 17cm.
  • Place right sides together with the previous piece.
  • Pin and sew the top at 1cm from the edge. Iron the seam flat.

Cutting and sewing the ribbons

  • Cut the ribbon at 18cm and carefully pin along the top of the embroidery.
  • Stitch the ribbon into place flush to edge. Iron. Press open the seam on the back.
  • Cut 2 pieces of ribbon 12cm each.
  • Pin wrong sides together.
  • Stitch together flush with edge.
  • To make the loop, fold in half and place on right side, doubling back on the ribbon already in place.
  • Stitch solidly in place.

Sewing the lining

  • Fold the case in half height wise, pin all around leaving a gap in the lining of 4-5cm.
  • Stitch all around at 1cm from edge don’t forget to leave an opening!
  • Pink the corners and iron the seams open and mark the lining seam.

Finishing touches

  • Turn inside out and ease out the corners.
  • Iron the opening in the lining and stitch.
  • Push the lining inside and give a last press with an iron.
  • That’s all done!
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