Little Sajou monkeys

Little Sajou monkeys

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We created the little Sajou monkeys so you could take them on your travels and photograph them in front of famous places.
But that was just before Covid and the sudden stop to travel.
However, you can still buy the pattern and all you need to make them.
It is great fun to make, combining sewing and embroidery.
However, the Facebook group is now closed.

Now we have our own fabrics, we have created an easy to make little animal – a monkey obviously! Because Sajou is also the name of a small primate with a long tail. We have deliberately made them unisex so you can choose if it is a boy or a girl. Give him (or her) a name and the surname will be Sajou. The idea is to have a bit of fun and share with everyone.

Petits singes de la famille Sajou

And if you don’t feel like sewing, you can buy a ready-made Sajou monkey, a sort of adoption, and offer him some great adventures.

Le voyage de Jasou au Japon en octobre 2019

This is Jasou, the founder of the family and the original prototype. He has already travelled to Japan in October 2019!

The monkey pattern is available in PDF or paper version.

If you are a beginner in sewing, you will find here all the explanations you need.

Cut out the paper body template.
Pin the front and back fabrics, right sides together.
Trace around the template.
Trim the surplus fabric leaving a seam allowance of 0.5cm.
Cut out the face template.
Place in the right side of the front of body and trace a line around it.
Cut out the face shape in the linen fabric.
This is a raw seam which is fixed to the body with buttonhole stitch on the trace line.
You can then embroider the rest of the face.
Place the Sajou label on the belly and buttonhole stitch into place.
Place the two body pieces right side together and stitch on the trace line, leaving a 6cm opening on the bottom.
Notch around the ears and shoulders.
Pinch together the angles on each side of the base and trace a line at 3cm of each triangle.
Stitch along this line (6cm).
Fold the angles towards the interior and turn the body right sides out.
Use back stitch to mark the ears (as indicated by blue dotted line).
Stuff the body and close the base with small invisible stitches.
Small tip – before closing, you can insert a small piece of cardboard of the same dimensions into the base so your monkey will stand up.

Réalisation du fond de notre Singe Sajou

Cut out the paper template. Pin two pieces of fabric, right sides together and trace around the template. Trim the surplus fabric leaving a seam allowance of 0.5cm Stich along the trace line leaving a small opening at the front. Notch all around the arms. Turn right sides out and stuff lightly. Close with a small invisible stitches and, following the blue dotted line, mark the hands with a few back stitches. The two blue dots indicate where to fix the arms on the monkey’s body with French knots. 

Fold 40cm of bias binding in half lengthways. Stitch all along the outer edge and attach to the back with a French knot at 5cm from the base.

 A notre boutique Sajou Paris vous pourrez venir chercher un certificat pour votre petit singe

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