Bien que les explications pour le montage de nos ouvrages figurent dans tous les kits que nous proposons, vous trouverez ici à nouveau toutes les astuces à connaître pour réussir le montage de nos ouvrages.

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  • Embroider France's most beautiful gardens with us!
    Publié le : 03/24/2019 14:58:50 | Catégories : Projects

    Embroider the motif of your choice, send it to us and, in September 2019 it will be assembled in a collective project which will be shown in exhibitions all over the world.

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  • Embroidery kits for France's Most Beautiful Gardens
    Publié le : 03/17/2019 16:06:54 | Catégories : Projects

    #SajouJardins Discover the kits created by Maison Sajou for each garden participating in the operation Embroider France’s Most Beautiful Gardens. Join in this collective project which will be assembled in September 2019. This initiative is a j [...]

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  • La Fontaine's Fables in cross stitch
    Publié le : 09/18/2018 15:01:21 | Catégories : Projects

    Filet lace was one of the great innovations of the early 20th century. Handcraft magazines of the time published many models. One of the most popular – La Fontaine’s Fables.

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  • Sajou six square cushions
    Publié le : 06/4/2018 10:22:26 | Catégories : Projects

    With our choice of linen square colours, make your own embroidered cushions. The possibilities are endless and the cushions are extremely simple to put together. You can find explanations here.

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  • Chambord Plaid - Second Part
    Publié le : 02/24/2018 15:06:08 | Catégories : Projects

    Second part of instructions for making our famous Chambord plaid: the remaining squares to embroider and mounting tips.

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  • Chambord Plaid - First Part
    Publié le : 02/24/2018 12:01:17 | Catégories : Projects

    The Chambord plaid is available as a complete kit. However, if you prefer to buy the elements bit by bit, click here to find out how.

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  • How to frame an embroidery
    Publié le : 09/14/2017 13:21:29 | Catégories : Projects

    Whatever you want to frame, the principle is the same. Here you will find an explanation for framing an embroidery with one of our pass-partouts, but you can use the same method for a frame, a box lid, etc…

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  • How to cover our buttons
    Publié le : 04/29/2017 18:59:10 | Catégories : Projects

    Our metal buttons to cover can be covered with a small embroidered motif or any sort of fabric. They are extremely simple to cover, they just need a bit of precision when cutting the fabric to the right size.

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  • Mounting the Sajou embroidered boxes
    Publié le : 12/28/2016 13:07:25 | Catégories : Projects

    We propose a large number of different embroidery projects, including our boxes to embroider. They are extremely simple to mount, but a few tips will give you an impeccable result.

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