Patching a hole in a garment

Patching a hole in a garment

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Patching a hole in a garment with fabric

Patching holes in clothes will make them unique. No more throwing away your loved garments, just add a few decorative elements and give them a new lease of life!
We are sure that you will even want to add a personal touch to your new clothes!
This idea comes from the new book by Namy Levy Mending With Kids. The author herself made the video with us!

Choosing the fabric

We recommend you use cotton fabric, synthetics can melt under the heat of an iron. As we want to add a decorative touch, choose preferably a printed fabric.
Here, we cut out characters from our Farandole Bretonne fabric

Repair a hole in a garment with fabric or patches

You will need

Patch mending step by step

We thoroughly recommend watching the video before you start to see our tips.
  • Once you have chosen your fabric, stick the rough side of the Bondaweb on the wrong side of the fabric using an iron. Press for at least 10 seconds with a hot iron, no vapour.
  • Turn over the fabric and choose the part of the motif you wish to use. You can trace the contour with a FriXion pen (which disappears with heat contact). Cut out the motif, try to keep the shape simple, without sharp angles or zigzags.
  • Slide a piece of paper under the hole, this will avoid the Bondaweb sticking to the cloth under the hole. Peel off the paper on the Bondaweb and iron the motif over the hole.
  • Slip the darning egg under the motif.
  • Thread a needle with two strands of embroidery thread and make a knot in the end. We have used Tonkin thread here to add a touch of sparkle. Stitch from the back, bringing the needle up at 5 millimetres from the edge. We have used a blanket stitch here all around the motif. You can also just use a running stitch or back stitch (click on the names to see the stitches in video).
Top tip from Nami : you don’t have to limit this to patching up holes. Add another couple of patches to your garment for a totally unique look.
Use different coloured threads. Dare to mix and match.
In Nami’s book, you will find loads of ideas for patching and mending, with felt, fabrics and crayons.
See also our article on visible mending for holes in jumpers.

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