Making a pumpkin pin cushion

Making a pumpkin pin cushion

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Sew a fabric pins and needles cushion in a pumpkin shape

What you will need

  • A sheet of paper to make the pattern;
  • Printed cotton fabric, see all the Sajou fabric swatches ;
  • A pen, preferably a FriXion, which erases under heat;
  • A sewing needle and thread matching the fabric ;
  • Stuffing;
  • A long darning needle, our floral booklet is ideal;
  • a card of cable linen n°332 to form the pumpkin. It is extremely important to use a strong thread as you will be pulling very tightly to form the shape of the pumpkin.;
  • Two buttons covered with fabric. We have a small selection;
  • Pinsscissors and, if you like, a thimble.
We highly recommend that you watch our video, you will see all our little tips and tricks, especially for strongly fixing on the buttons.

Making the pattern

Draw a circle with a diametre of 10 centimetres.
We have used an embroidery hoop, but you can also use a plate or a tin.
Cut out.
Fold a piece of fabric measuring 12 x 24cm in half, right sides together.
Trace round the pattern, preferably with a FriXion pen.

Sewing the needle cushion

Maintain the two pieces of fabric together with a couple of pins. Cut around the traced line.
Make two marks roughly 3 centimetres apart on one edge. This will be the opening to turn the pin cushion right side out.
Stitch at 1 centimetre from the edge, starting at the first mark and finishing up at the second.
Remove the two pins and pink all around the edge.
Turn inside out and rub the seam with your fingers for a neat finish.
Fold in the opening and iron.
Fill the pin cushion with stuffing – the end result should be quite firm so make sure you use lots.
Close the opening with a few invisible stitches.

Forming the pumpkin

Using a long darning needle, you will need roughly 1.30 metres of cable linen thread.
You will be forming the pumpkin and sewing on the buttons with this length of thread, so it must not be too short.
Make a solid knot in the thread, winding it three or four times on itself.
Prick the needle in the centre of the pin cushion and bring through to the other side, again in the centre. Pull tightly on the thread.
Bring the thread over the pumpkin and put it in where you started.
Again, pull thread tightly. Repeat this again opposite the first thread.
Next sew the thread in the quarters, and finally in eighths.
To get a great pumpkin shape, it is important to pull the thread tightly each time it goes through the fabric.
The needle should always go through the centre of the pumpkin, without going through the knot, which will block the thread.

Placing the buttons

Thread the first button on the needle and prick through the pin cushion.
At this stage, you should not pull too tightly on the thread. The button should loosely hang about 1 centimetre.
Thread on the second button and go through the pin cushion again.
Make sure the thread is not twisted and pull really tightly on the opposite button thread, then pull tightly on the loose thread to tighten up the second button.
Wind the thread around the button and tie a knot.
Repeat two or three times for optimum solidity.
Cut the remaining thread off carefully and there you have it!
Sajou needles cushion in a pumpkin shape
You can choose to match the cable linen thread with the fabric, or go for something completely different.
A card of cable linen contains 10 metres, enough to make about seven pin cushions.

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