Introduction to cross stitch on linen fabric

Introduction to cross stitch on linen fabric

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To get started with cross stitch, purchase our cross stitch box for beginners.
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The video below will show you step by step how to embroider a small Eiffel Tower on 12 count linen..

Basic principle:

On the pattern chart, each square represents one cross. If the motif contains a diagonal line, it represents a half cross stitch.
When sewing cross stitch on 12 count linen, you have to count the fabric threads. Generally, it is sewn over two threads.
Stretch the linen over the inner embroidery hoop, place external hoop on top and tighten the screw.
Our Retors du Nord embroidery floss contains four strands, for this model you will only use two.
Cut roughly 30 centimetres of floss and separate two strands. Smooth the floss between your fingers and thread the needle.
There are no knots in cross stitch.

To start off, put the needle through the right side of the linen, slightly under where you are going to start your first stitches, hold the end of the thread in place with your thumb.
The crosses should all go in the same direction: start with right to left and the return stitch from left to right.

Point de croix sur deux fils

When the squares on the pattern chart are next to each other, do not leave a gap between the crosses. Once you have sewn the first five or six crosses, you can let go of the end and cut the excess. It is held in place by the crosses. When you come to the end of the length of floss, pass the needle under the stitches on the back and cut the excess. /p>

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