How to sew on elbow patches

How to sew on elbow patches

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Repair a hole in a jumper using elbow patches

Even the best quality jumpers can wear at the elbows. Covering with elbow patches is extremely simple if your follow our tips in our video. In just a few minutes, your tatty old jumper will be as good as new! Dare to choose brightly coloured elbow pads and stitch on with a contrasting colour.
You can also use these to repair worn-out knees on trousers.

Iron-on elbow patches?

Very practical for fixing the elbow patch in place, this is not really sufficient for durability. They tend to last longer on cotton fabrics.
However, it is always preferable to sew them into place.

What you will need

  • A pair of elbow patches;
  • Some pins;
  • A round tipped embroidery needle for jumpers, a sharp needle for coats, jackets and trousers;
  • Thread, we use Laine Saint-Pierre;
  • The secret ingredient, a small jar or bottle which can easily fit in the sleeve without deforming it.
We made this video with Nami Levy, author of Mending with Kids, which you can find on our site and discover in more detail in our article on visible mending for holes in jumpers.

Placing the elbow patches

  • We recommend that you place your jumper on a large, flat surface.
  • Before starting, ensure that your needle will pass easily through the pre-punched holes.
  • Place the jumper on the table, front side down and bring the sleeves towards the middle, making sure the cuffs are perfectly aligned.
  • Decide where you want to put the elbow patches and pin into place.
  • Cut a length of Laine Saint-Pierre, you will need two strands. Don’t cut your thread too long, it will be too complicated. Tie a small knot, this will be hidden when you sew.
  • Place the bottle or jar in the sleeve – this will make sewing easier and avoid sewing through the other side of the sleeve.
  • Bring the needle up from under the elbow patch, stitch through the jumper, coming up through the next hole. Continue until you need to change thread – make a small knot under the elbow patch and secure in place with two small stitches. Cut the thread close to the knot and thread up your needle again.
  • When you get to the last hole, sew through the jumper, make a small knot and pull through the first hole and cut off the thread. Your result will be perfect.

Making elbow and knee patches from fabric

Using Bondaweb, it is easy to make your own patches from the fabric of your choice and in the shape of your choice.
Again, it is preferable to stitch into place for a more durable result.
You can find our tips and a video in our article Patching a garment with fabric.
Icing on the cake – you will find a PDF download with patterns for patches in different shapes and sizes.

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