Embroidery kits for France's Most Beautiful Gardens

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Discover the kits created by Maison Sajou for each garden participating in the operation Embroider France’s Most Beautiful Gardens. Join in this collective project which will be assembled in September 2019.

This initiative is a joint project with Maison Sajou and the Association France’s Most Beautiful Gardens.

Find out all the details in Embroider France’s Most Beautiful Gardens with us!

There are two kits for each garden: the small one is embroidered on a 14cm square of linen fabric, and a more substantial kit embroidered on a 28cm square of fabric. All the kits are available here.

The orange tree, symbol of the association. This motif is simple enough for children and beginners.

The gardens of Eyrignac is a vegetal gem in the Perigord. Here, Alexandrine rigour rubs shoulders with bucolic inspiration. In the French garden, perspective play and knowledge of nature orchestrate the spraying fountains, the watery mirrors, carpets of lawn and an extraordinary collection of topiary art, whereas the Garden of Sources, the Kitchen Garden, the Florists garden and the Floral fields offer a rustic, intimate ad colourful atmosphere. The gardeners favour hand pruning, essential in a place full of tradition which has been in the same family for 500 years.

Topiaires in Eyrignac gardens

For Eyrignac, you can embroider a small topiary in a pot or a group of topiaries with typical forms for these gardens.


The enclosure of the Château d’Yvoire on the edge of Lake Léman is a wonderful vegetal universe. The Garden of Five Senses was converted in the 1980’s by Anne-Monique and Yves d’Yvoire. Simple, modest and sober, 4 squares delimited by 2 perpendicular alleys with a central fountain as the only decoration, the medieval garden is rich in its symbolism. The plants awaken the senses: the varieties of apples, the vegetables and the simplicity provoke taste and smell. The hues of greens, the palette of warm and cold colours seduce the eyes. Skim, rub, and caress the leaves - a pleasure for the hands. The melodious sound of the birds charms the ears.

The gardens of five senses in Yvoire on the edge of Lake Léman

For Yvoire, you can embroider a reinette apple or a staked apple tree.

The Villandry gardens are recent in relation to the Renaissance-built Château. They were created by Joachim Carvallo, a Spanish scientist, who bought the domain in 1906. After restoring the Château to its original Renaissance style, he decided to create a vegetal background in harmony with the structure. His designs were inspired by medieval, French and Renaissance gardens. Unfinished in his lifetime, the work was finished by his descendants. 350 000 visitors each year discover the ornamental kitchen garden, the ornamental salon, the water garden, the medicinal garden, the labyrinth and the sun garden.

The Villandry castel with ornamental kitchen garden and medicinal garden

For Villandry, you can embroider a small topiary with a typical form from the Villandry gardens or a cross stitch interpretion of the kitchen garden.


The La Ballue gardens are a rare example of French mannerism. The only original piece remaining from these 17thcentury gardens is the terrace overlooking the Mont St Michel Bay. Claude Artaud and her husband François-Hebert Stevens, infused a subtle blend of mannerist style and contemporary implantation. The present owner, Marie-Françoise Mathon has pursued the work of her predecessors with passion. The exceptional nature of the La Ballue gardens was rewarded in 2017 with a 2ndprize in the European Garden Awards.
Wisterai and topiaries in La Ballue gardens 

For Ballue, you can embroider the small topiaries or a beautiful large wisteria.


Situated in the Cévennes National Park, the Bamboo Gardens created in 1856 by the botanist Eugène Mazel, is a unique place regrouping an exceptional collection of 200 different types of bamboo and age-old trees. An exotic voyage through giant bamboos, the Bamboosarium, a vegetal maze, water garden, Laotian village, Victorian conservatory, dragon valley, each space is a surprising and calming experience.

Bambous and lotus flowers in La Bambouseraie

For La Bambouseraie, you can embroider a bamboo, of course, or a large, exotic lotus flower.


The flowering kitchen garden is typical of the 17thcentury. A central pond, geometric beds, rectilinear alleys and stone walls enable a rational cultivation of vegetables and flowers throughout the seasons. Bulbs reign supreme from March to April. Alliums, clematis, iris, peonies and heirloomroses take over in May and June, medicinal plants take their place in summer. In September, filled with dahlias, cucurbits and forgotten vegetables, the garden is at its peak. Come autumn, the kitchen garden is a splendour of blue and green with asters and cardoons.

Saint-Jean-de-Beauregard and its kitchen garden

For this garden, you can embroider a flowering cardoon, small or large. The final assembly of all the embroideries will take place at Saint Jean de Beauregard.


This Italian style villa overlooking the Mediterranean is the legacy of Baroness Ephrussi de Rothschild, an icon from the roaring twenties. The gardens are, in the maker’s image, a merry medley of styles. A French-style garden is at the foot of the palazzino. On the outskirts are more intimate spaces and a journey of styles - Spanish, Florentine, Japanese, stonework, exotic, Provencal… The gardens are harmonised by the abundance of flowers, particularly the roses so loved by the Baroness. 

Roses in Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild Gardens

For the villa, a choice of small or large rose in delicate tones.


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