Embroider France's most beautiful gardens with us!

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When Maison Sajou and the Association of France’s Most Beautiful Gardens get together to create a world-first collective project!

On the assumption that many keen gardeners are also enthusiastic needle workers, and that many an embroiderer appreciates floral and vegetal motifs, Frédérique Crestin-Billet had an idea to combine the two. She has created symbolic motifs for all the participating gardens.

Embroider the motif of your choice, send it to us and, in September 2019, they will all be assembled in a collective project which will be exhibited all over the world.

- Choose the kit you want to embroider. You can find them all in Flowers from France’s Most Beautiful Gardens.
- As well as the kits created especially for this occasion, you can also embroider existing Sajou floral patterns. However, given the collective nature of this project, the fabric formats must be strictly respected, to make it easier to assemble. See below for details.
- Once you have finished your embroidery, don’t wait to send it to us. The better we can anticipate, the better the end result. Above all, don’t forget to join the coupon with your details and signature (see further “Practical Participation Details”).

The France's most beautiful gardens kits

- Post photos of your progress on our Facebook and Instagram pages and interact with embroiderers all over the world.
- Come along to our sewing cafes organised in our Sajou Paris store. Embroider whilst chatting over a tea or coffee in a relaxed atmosphere. We regularly take photos and videos of these events. See all the sewing cafe dates.
- Join us for a Sunday afternoon embroidery session in the delightful Cour des Senteurs in Versailles, just a stone’s throw from the Maison Sajou HQ and the Versailles Palace. These sessions are organised with L'Inédite Toile de Jouy and Atelier de Saveurs. See dates and details here.
- And why not reunite with fellow embroiderers from your region and publish your collective progress on our Facebook group Je Brode Sajou?

Cour des Senteurs Versailles - Boutique Inédite - Atelier des Saveurs

 Cour des Senteurs Versailles - Boutique Inédite - Atelier des Saveurs

- Come and see us at the Château Saint-Jean de Beauregard the 15th and 16th June 2019 for their famous Arts and Crafts fair. You can embroider with us and the Sajou Paris teachers. If we already have received enough embroideries, we are even thinking of starting to assemble.
- Finally, we hope many of you will join us the 27th, 28th and 29th September for the final assembly of this wonderful collective project. We need people who can sew. More details will follow later. For those who cannot be present, follow the event on Facebook Live.

- If you participate in this great event, once we receive your embroidery, you will get a 10€ voucher, valid on our site and in our Sajou Paris store.
- You will also get 1 years membership with the Association of France’s Most Beautiful Gardens, receiving newsletters and updates, and also reduced rates for access to all the parks in the association.

A selection of the kits for the France's most beautiful gardens

Practical Participation Details

- When you post your photos on Facebook and Instagram, use the following hashtags so we can share them: #JeBrodeSajou #MaisonSajouOfficiel #plusbeauxjardinsdefrance #lesplusbeauxjardinsdefrance
- If you are not yet registered on our site, do so before you send us your embroidery: this is so you can receive your 10€ voucher and also for your membership with the association. Don’t wait to send us your finished embroidery. The final assembly is going to be a long haul, so it will be great to anticipate.
- It is ESSENTIAL to join the small coupon on each pattern chart with your embroidery. Don’t forget to sign giving us authorization to mention your name in this event. A list of all participants will be established to accompany the finished project. You can download a copy of the coupon here (only valid when joined with a finished embroidery).
- Apart from the kits created especially for this event, the following motifs can also be used: all the pattern charts from our Tinctorial Plants series in our Museums and Heritage Collection, all the pattern charts in our Vintage Floral Motifs series, our Geometric pattern charts as well as the following motifs in our Sajou Red Album N°907: star, Celtic cross, diamond, clover, illusion, flower bed, vegetable patch, Scandinavian, flower, square, cross and garden. 
ATTENTION: if you choose one of the above motifs, it must absolutely be embroidered on fabric measuring 14 x 14cm or a multiple thereof (14 x 28, 28 x 28, 28 x 42 or even 14 x 42). There must be a stitch allowance of 1cm on all edges so make sure your embroidery doesn’t go over this.

To create a harmonious effect, we ask that you respect the choice of patterns and do not deviate from them.

Discover the Gardens and lovely kits: click here.

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