Advent calendar 2023 to embroider

Advent calendar 2023 to embroider

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After the success last year, Maison Sajou again has put together an Advent calendar to embroider with the complicity of Catherine Rouchié, embroidery teacher. This year we have chosen to base our calendar on Alsace, the charming region of France made famous by their Christmas markets and long history of festive decorations. Some of the pouches in this calendar are embroidered on our famous Farandole Alsacienne cotton fabric.

The 2023 Advent Calendar boxes

We have put together a box containing all you need to make the Advent calendar,
including the lining fabric for the pouches and a card of Rochefort cord for suspension.
See the Sajou 2023 Advent calendar embroidery box.
And to complete your Advent calendar, we have another box containing 24 Sajou surprises to place in each pouch.
These are all quality haberdashery items, found on our site or in our Versailles store.
See the 2023 Advent Calendar surprise box.

Origins of the Advent Calendar

Remember that the Advent is the period when Christians prepare for Christmas celebrations.
The Advent calendar is a tradition dating back to the 19th century in Germany,
where each day children received a pious image in the days preceding Christmas.
Advent calendars have become more and more sophisticated over the years.
We have put together this one for you with an Alsace theme, adding the pleasure of making it yourself.

The 2023 Advent Calendar from Maison Sajou

Our Advent calendar is a happy mix of cross stitch and variants, traditional embroidery stitches and fabric embellishment.
For all the embroidery stitches, diagrams, patterns or videos explain all step by step.
The motifs are embroidered on 12 count embroidery linen in frog or mustard, red Aïda, red or white embroidery linen and our cotton Farandole Alsacienne fabric.
You will be using our different embroidery threads: Laine Saint-Pierre, Retors du Nord, Tonkin, Sashiko and golden metallized thread.
With the Rochefort cord supplied in the box, you can suspend your Advent calendar on your Christmas tree, or as a garland.

Publication of free patterns

The patterns are free and will be published every two days on our website.They are all downloadable with a format under A4.
The first pattern will be published on Monday 16th October and the last on Thursday 30th November.
A detailed explanation will be supplied with each publication. Of course, if you have any further questions, we are here for you.
The aim is to make 24 adorable little pouches measuring 11 by 14cm, to add to your Christmas decorations from the 1st December.
Sewing the pouches is disconcertingly simple and we show you how in our video. It only takes a few minutes.
Download the patterns here.

Cutting the fabrics

  • 6 cross stitch motifs are embroidered on the supplied 12 count linen squares: 3 on mustard and 3 on frog. Once finished embroidering, the squares should be cut to 13 x 13cm square.
  • For the main Farandole Alsacienne fabric, we supply a 50 x 70cm swatch. This contains many repetitions of the 7 groups to embroider. There will be a lot left over but we are sure you will find another use for it. Be careful not to embroider too close to the edges. There should be a 1cm seam allowance on each edge. The finished format will be a 13cm square.
  • The white embroidery linen is used for 4 motifs on a 13 x 13cm square and for lining 3 pouches (see plan below).
  • The red embroidery linen is used for 2 motifs on a 13 x 13cm square and for lining 4 pouches (see plan below).
  • The red Aïda fabric is used for 5 motifs on a 13 x 13cm square and for lining 3 pouches (see plan below).
  • The Farandole Alsacienne coordinate with small motifs is used for lining 14 pouches. It is multi-directional
Plan de coupe des toiles à broder Calendrier de l'Avent Sajou 2023
Plan de coupe pochettes Calendrier de l'Avent Sajou sur tissu coordonné Farandole Alsacienne
  • Each pouch is made of an embroidered motif measuring 13 x 13cm, one piece measuring 13 x 30cm and a 3rd piece in the same material measuring 13 x 19cm.
  • You will find the details of each embroidery in the article Free pattern charts Advent calendar 2023.
  • Each finished pouch measures 11 centimetres wide by 14cm high.

Sewing the Advent calendar pouches

We highly recommend that you watch our video which shows all the tips for making the pouches.
  • On the wrong side of the embroidery, mark a line at 1cm from the bottom.
  • Place right sides together with the small piece of lining fabric and stitch.
  • Open the seam with your fingers and mark a line at 11cm from the seam.
  • Place this piece right sides together with the larger piece of fabric.
  • Stitch and press open both seams with an iron.
  • With the wrong side facing you, fold over lining fabric and press with iron.
  • Fold back the lining so it is aligned with the base of the embroidery.
  • Press with iron and turn over.
  • Fold again in half, tucking under and pinning the lower seam.
  • Trace a line on each vertical side at 1cm from edge.
  • Add some pins to keep all together and stitch each side.
  • Pink the angles and remove pins.
  • Turn inside out, push out the corners and mark the seams with fingers and iron on back side.
  • Fold towards interior at 1cm the fabric above the embroidery. Iron.
  • Fold in two, pin into place and stitch flush with the edge of the fabric on embroidery side.
  • You have now formed the casing to thread the hanging cord

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