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  • Embroider France's most beautiful gardens with us!
    Published : 03/2/2019 17:42:09 | Categories : Projects

    Embroider the motif of your choice, send it to us and, in September 2019 it will be assembled in a collective project which will be shown in exhibitions all over the world.

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  • Les projets de couture à réaliser aux cours Sajou Paris
    Published : 01/13/2019 16:59:50 | Categories : Sajou

    Vous pourrez choisir ici le projet que vous souhaiterez réaliser lors des cours de couture donnés par Elisabeth Rozec à notre boutique Sajou Paris : tote-bag, différentes pochettes, manique, porte-serviette, bourse, ou encore housse de cintre, etc.

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  • Boxes to make in the cartonnage classes Sajou Paris
    Published : 01/7/2019 14:04:43 | Categories : Sajou

    You will find here all the details to help you choose which box to make during your class with Hélène Chalendard-Chireux. Once you have chosen, we will send you an instruction sheet to cut out the cardboard.

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  • La Fontaine's Fables in cross stitch
    Published : 09/18/2018 15:01:21 | Categories : Projects

    Filet lace was one of the great innovations of the early 20th century. Handcraft magazines of the time published many models. One of the most popular – La Fontaine’s Fables.

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  • Sajou six square cushions
    Published : 06/4/2018 10:22:26 | Categories : Projects

    With our choice of linen square colours, make your own embroidered cushions. The possibilities are endless and the cushions are extremely simple to put together. You can find explanations here.

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  • Chambord Plaid - Second Part
    Published : 02/24/2018 15:06:08 | Categories : Projects

    Second part of instructions for making our famous Chambord plaid: the remaining squares to embroider and mounting tips.

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  • Chambord Plaid - First Part
    Published : 02/24/2018 12:01:17 | Categories : Projects

    The Chambord plaid is available as a complete kit. However, if you prefer to buy the elements bit by bit, click here to find out how.

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  • Queen Marie-Antoinette embroidery - Second Part
    Published : 11/24/2017 18:02:39 | Categories : Museums and Heritage

    Marie-Antoinette’s wardrobe with the fabrics, shoes and hairstyles, the laces and ribbons… are as much part of the heritage left by the queen as the sumptuous wall hangings in her residences at the Palace of Versailles and Petit Trianon.

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  • Marie-Antoinette embroidery - First Part
    Published : 11/24/2017 12:03:16 | Categories : Museums and Heritage

    This Marie-Antoinette embroidery evokes the Queen’s garments, the famous « À La Rose » portrait painted by her friend Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun and the places the sovereign left her mark at the Palace of Versailles.

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  • Palace of Versailles embroidery - Second Part
    Published : 11/21/2017 16:29:21 | Categories : Museums and Heritage

    In the first part, you discovered the wall hangings in the Private Apartments, the equestrian statue of Louis XIV and the silhouette of the Palace. Here is the Hall of Mirrors, the Queen’s Bedchamber and the kings and queens who lived in Versailles.

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  • Palace of Versailles embroidery - First Part
    Published : 11/18/2017 15:10:03 | Categories : Museums and Heritage

    This embroidery evoking the Palace of Versailles is the sixth in our Museums and Heritage Collection. Treat yourself to the Hall of Mirrors, the Private Apartments and the treasures of the Palace in cross stitch.

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  • How to frame an embroidery
    Published : 09/14/2017 13:21:29 | Categories : Projects

    Whatever you want to frame, the principle is the same. Here you will find an explanation for framing an embroidery with one of our pass-partouts, but you can use the same method for a frame, a box lid, etc…

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