Tonkin embroidery thread polyester Assort. 2 - 12 moderns colours

Tonkin embroidery floss box 12 modern colours

25,00 €



12 modern tones Tonkin thread thread box

Presented in a pretty box, this assortment contents: 1003 (white), 1011 (sky blue), 1008 (slate grey), 1024 (navy blue), 1010 (turquoise), 1014 (lawn green), 1015 (lime green), 1019 (pink), 1018 (mauve), 1021 (garnet), 1006 (sand) et 1016 (yellow).

Tonkin thread is a bulk polyester gimped yarn which gives it a slightly puffed aspect. It can be used on its' own or with classic threads to add a bit of contrast to your embroidery.

Length on each card: 10m, in four strands.
Size of card: 7cm x 9cm.

These threads are MADE IN FRANCE.