Sajou Little girl large thread card Barbara (family 4)

Little girl thread card family 4 - Barbara

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Barbara large brown Toile de Jouy card to keep threads tidy

Barbara is dressed in a brown Toile de Jouy motif dress with a lace collar and a brown belt on the waist.

This delightful perfect little girl is a large card for a fun way of winding your bits of ribbons or threads.
Two colours can be wound - one above the belt and one below.
The card has a different print on the back and is made of 2mm thick cardboard.
Format: 14.5cm high x 7cm wide.

Barbara has three sisters, Katia, Olivia and Lea (family 4) and twelve cousins:
- Flavie, Balsamie, Marie and Rosalie (family 1),
- Apolline, Caroline, Catherine and Martine
(family 2),
- Frédérique, Véronique, Monique and Dominique (family 3).

This card is sold individually, but by buying the whole family, you get one free card.

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