Selection 40 needles red Jouy Model

Selection 40 needles red Toile de Jouy Model

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Red Toile de Jouy 40 sewing and embroidery needles

This needle selection represents a cloth illustrating and called the Trades of the Manufactory from the Museum of Jouy.
The interior is a checkered motif, one of the coordinates of our Plaisirs de la campagne pink fabric.

Detail of the 40 needles:
- sharp point: 6 n°5 long needles, 6 n°7 long needles, 4 n°9 long needles, 2 n°3 darning needles and 2 n°5 darning needles;
- round point: 2 n°20 needles, 4 n°22 needles, 4 n°24 needles, 4 n°26 needles and 6 n°28 needles.

Size of packet when closed: 14cm x 9.8cm.
Size of packet when open: 14cm x 19.6cm

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All our pins and needles are MADE IN FRANCE.

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