Sajou Dressmakers laundry scissors - Ball and Groove - 14cm

Dressmakers laundry scissors - Ball and Groove - 14cm

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Dressmakers steel scissors vintage style

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Laundry scissors, chrome handles and blades. The handles are decorated with a ball and groove motif.

Length: 14 cm.
Weight: 60g.
Sajou ribbon fixed by an eyelet on one of the handles.
Presentation: Sajou box.

As with all quality scissors, these have traces of pairing: before dipping the steel, the blades are perfectly adjusted a first time to "make a pair". They are marked, generally by a number, as being two parts of a precise pair of scissors (here n°1). They are then seperated before dipping, which gives them their hardness, reassembled and readjusted. The pairing marks are placed on the scissors hinge so cannot be seen when they are closed.