Fil Au Chinois polyester metallized sewing thread 100m spool Col. 105 Two-tone gold

Polyester metallized sewing thread - 100m spool 105 - Two-tone gold

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105 Two-tone gold - N°40 metallized sewing thread

Colour n°105 - Two-tone gold
Metallized sewing thread n°40 - 100% polyester.

Length of thread: 100m.
Diametre of the thread: 0.35mm.

This colour has a slightly flecked aspect. As with the other metallized threads, it is gimped, so is composed of a base thread which is covered with a metal-plastic strip.
On simple threads, this coil is contiguous, whereas here, the coil is not so tightly wound, leaving part of the core thread visible. This is what gives the flecked aspect.

Presented on ivory-coloured plastic spools.
Size of spool: diametre, 2.5cm - length, 4.8cm.

This metallized thread exists in 28 colours.
printed colour chart is available.
ON ORDER, this thread is also available on
1 000m cones.

Check out our authenthic haberdashers thread display case containing this metallized thread.

The five colours silver (n°122), gold (n°102), old gold (n°110), copper (n°130) and bronze (n°145) are also available in thicker, n° 15, which is made of three twisted strands of n°40.
They are presented on 225m reels.

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As with all the products from Fil Au Chinois, this product is MADE IN FRANCE.

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