DMC Library : Cross Stitch 4th Series

DMC Library : Cross Stitch 4th Series

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Fourth Series Sajou DMC Library cross stitch

This fourth volume contains 24 pages in which you will find six alphabets of which two can be combined together, ten pages of friezes and small motifs, and three pages of sketches representing traditional costumes from the Ukraine, Yugoslavia and Roumania. The last pages of the book contain an illustrated history of DMC.

DMC has republished their archives in collaboration with Maison Sajou and Frédérique Crestin-Billet.  These small cross stitch albums were famous in their time and make up part of the most well-known editions among DMC's heritage.

In days gone by, they were made up of simple stapled sheets of paper, whereas these reeditions are of superior quality: they are printed on thick Bristol board with a spiral binding, all surrounded by a beautiful cover.

Format : 220 x 140
24 pages. The cover is an olive green colour with a matt varnish.

This album is part of a series containing six volumes.

Published by: DMC et Bibliothèque SAJOU - ISBN : 978-2-35786-009-4

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