Crochet and knitting yarn XF brand size 8/2 ecru

Knitting and crochet yarn size 8/2 colour ecru

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Ecru size 8/2 ball knitting yarn

Ecru knitting cotton size 8/2
100% cotton.
Ball of about 160 metres.

This thread is a number 8, the number 2 signifies that is twisted with two strands.
This thread is singed and mercerized, meaning it passes through a flame to remove all fluff and make it smooth, before undergoing a treatment to make it shiny and easy to use.

This yarn is presented in a 40 gramme ball.

XF Au Franc Or is a very old cotton thread brand which now belongs to Ets Toulemonde, also owners of the Fil Au Chinois brand.

This product is MADE IN FRANCE.