Complete sewing thread box - polyester & cotton threads

Complete sewing thread box

41,67 €



Sewing box containing assortments of sewing threads

Box filled with threads, small model.

Delightful small box containing sewing threads:
- two spools of cotton thread each containing about 200 metres, one black, one white, with Sajou labels,
- three cocoons of polyester thread (150 metres each), grey, rose, sky blue, with Sajou labels,
- six cocoons of polyester thread (150 metres each), royal blue, green, red, pistachio, orange, violet, with Fil Au Conscrit labels,
- three cocoons of polyester thread (150 metres each), brown and two tones of beige, with Fil Au Chinois labels,
- a floral motif needle booklet, containing 20 sewing needles,
- three cards with floral motif (blue, mauve and orange) for ribbons or threads.

The box contains two trays, the top one can be removed and has a small Sajou ribbon on each side for gripping.
It is covered with a blue and white paper, identical to those used for our Mercerie vintage style storage boxes. The top of the cover has a Sajou label representing a tightrope walker. The interior of the cover is decorated with a rectangular Fil au Conscrit label.

Size of box: length 15cm - width 12cm - height 5cm.

This box and all the products it contains are MADE IN FRANCE.

Also available, in the same spirit, our sewing boxes.
Once you have used up your cocoons, small sachets of three colours are available to replace them.