Sajou dressmakers' steel extra fine n°4 pins sky blue floral motif

Dressmakers' pins N°4 sky blue box

4,83 €



200 classic dressmaker's pins box - sky blue base floral motif label

Box with sky blue floral motif.

Small rectangular transparent box containing roughly 200 classic dressmakers' pins, extra fine n°4. It is covered with a sky blue based floral motif label.

Dimensions of box: 6cm x 4cm x 0.5cm.
To open this box without damaging the label, use a cutter to slit the sides.

All our pins and needles are MADE IN FRANCE.

These boxes are available in other colours and are part of a collection of small haberdashery items with floral motifs including embroidery needle booklets, sewing needle booklets and cards for threads and ribbons.