Sajou Little Girl sewing complet sewing set

Complete sewing set Small model - Little girl Sewing

62,50 €


Filled sewing box with essential supplies

This complete sewing set is covered with a miniature reproduction of the tiles in our Paris store in blue and orange tones.
The label is one of our most popular images: a little girl repairing her doll under the watchful eyes of her dog.

- a pair of scissors, a nickel-plated thimble,
- a blue Sajou tape measure, a small seam ripper,
- a box of 200 extra-fine dressmaking pins N°4 with a label matching the one on the lid,
- a dressmaker's chalk,
- six cocoons of polyester thread in bright tones - each cocoon contains about 150 metres of thread-,
- a booklet of 20 assorted sewing needles, with a motif matching the label on the lid,
- a booklet of 6 assortied darning needles, with a motif matching the label on the lid,
- a Laine Saint-Pierre darning wool card in dark tone.

It is covered with an orange and blue small motif, with an identical motif for the two trays. The lid has a label with a little girl sewing, the interior is decorated with a round Sajou Articles de Mercerie label.

Size of box: length 15cm - width 12cm - height 5cm.

Please note that the colour of certain contents may change depending on our stock, but will always remain visually harmonious. This also makes each set unique. 

All the products in this sewing set are MADE IN FRANCE.

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