Fil Au Chinois waxed cable linen size 832 10m card - Colour 374 - Bronze

Waxed cable linen size 832 10m - 374 - Bronze

3,75 €


Bronze Col. 374 leatherwork linen thread n° 832

Colour 374 - Bronze
Waxed linen size 832 (Ø 0.43mm).
Size of card: 5.2 x 6.8cm.

This special thread for leatherwork is presented on a small card containing 10 metres.
It is the same thread as on our large 50g spools.
A great way to try out this exceptional thread before investing in larger quantities.

A printed colour chart is available. A thickness sample card is also available.
Check out our Leatherwork hand sewing needles.

As with all the products from Fil Au Chinois, this quality product is entirely MADE IN FRANCE.

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