Haberdashery by F. Crestin-Billet

Haberdashery by F. Crestin-Billet

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Haberdashery collectibles by Frédérique Crestin-Billet

After the success of  "Mercerie, Broderie, Ouvrages de Dames", here is  Frédérique CRESTIN-BILLET's latest publication continuing the theme of vintage haberdashery items. As the title indicates, this book is entirely dedicated to the world of threads.

Over 800 photos contained in the three chapters most from previously undocumented collections.

If you would like a personalised dedication, please state so in the comments box when ordering, specifying if the dedication is for you or a friend (please indicate the name of the person).

Format: 150 x 210
240 pages
Plastified cover with pockets
About 800 photos - All the texts are in French and English.

Editions : Bibliothèque SAJOU