Sajou Toile de Jouy couture button - painting

Vintage-style button Toile de Jouy - Painting

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Painting Toile de Jouy button

Button representing the painting of Toile de Jouy fabric, as presented on our large pattern chart dedicated to the Oberkampf Manufactory (Museums and Heritage collection).

This button has a diametre of 25mm.

It is made of a printed image fixed on a metal base and covered with an acrylic dome.

It is a perfect imitation of the glass buttons which were so popular during the 18th century.

Presented on a small Sajou card. 

This button is part of a series of six dedicated to Toile de Jouy fabric.

This series is also available in a Sajou gift box.

This button is made in France and is nickel-free.

It can be machine washed at up to 40° with a soft spin.

Turn the garment or object inside out to avoid rubbing on the drum.

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