Calais cocoon display case 24 classic colours

Fil Au Chinois Calais thread display with 24 classic colours

162,50 €



Calais cocoon display case 24 classic colours

Gorgeous little wooden display case containing a selection of 24 classic colours of our Calais cocoons:

6440 (chestnut), 6253 (taupe), 6212 (beige), 6308 (ecru), 6100 (white), 6180 (black), 6549 (dark red), 6534 (red), 6539 (strawberry), 6385 (gladiola), 6342 (yellow), 6322 (sulphur), 6573 (old rose), 6598 (salmon), 6586 (pink), 6603 (mauve), 6613 (dark mauve), 6631 (violet), 6867 (green), 6803 (almond), 6830 (pistachio), 6750 (sky blue), 6774 (blue), 6790 (royal blue).

It is sold with one of each of the colours.

Value of cocoons: 24 x 3€ = 72€.

This display case can hold a total of 240 cocoons (10 per colour).

It is decorated with a rectangular label on the front and three large pink Fil Au Chinois labels on the sides and top.

In the style of vintage thread displays, the wooden exterior has four shelves which are slightly slanted and have a separation between each cocoon.

A label on each shelf indicates the colour number.

Dimensions of display unit: width 32cm, depth 21cm, height 24cm.

Attention, it cannot be dismantled. Total weight: 3.8kg including packing.

To refill your thread display, you can find the cocoons here.

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Attention: These display cases are available on order.
There is a delay of about 1 week for shipment.