50 x 55cm swatch indienne fabric motif 1 on brown base

50 x 55cm swatch indienne fabric motif 1 on brown base

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Fabric on brown base floral motif 1 fat quarter of indienne

This fabric has a large floral motif on a brown base.

This swatch of indienne cotton fabric measures 50 x 55cm. it's a fat quarter

It is also available in other colours.

These exotic floral motifs are called “indiennes” because they are inspired by fabrics originally imported from India. This was at the end of the 17th century at the time of the grand navigation companies and the famous trading posts owned by many European countries.

Presented in a transparent sachet with Sajou header and a pretty cut out and keep backing card.

Maison Sajou has a reputation for products made in France and we wish to point out that this is not the case for these fabrics.

We do our best to represent our fabrics as accurately as possible, both by the descriptions and the photos.

However, appreciation of the colours and their representation can vary from screen to screen.

Also available by the metre in our Paris store.
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Opening hours : monday to saturday 10.00am to 7.00pm.


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