Cross stitch pattern chart: Harold embarking for Normandy

Cross stitch pattern chart: Harold embarking for Normandy

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Harold embarking for Normandy Bayeux Tapestry in cross stitch

This cross stitch pattern chart comes from the large pattern chart created by Frédérique Crestin-Billet evoking famous Bayeux Tapestry. Its represents Harold embarking for Normandy.

The story begins in 1063 or 1064, the first scene showing the King of England Edward “The Confessor”, who appears to be giving instructions to Harold, Earl of Wessex. According to some chronicles of the time, Edward had summoned Harold to go and inform William, Duke of Normandy that he should succeed him on the English throne.
The passage represented here on the left is Harold embarking for Normandy, falcon on the wrist and tunic raised to avoid getting wet. Note the men accompanying him with dogs and oars and the amusing detail of the legs giving an impression of the transparency of the water. On the right, the other boat shows that crossing the Channel was in all probability not very restful: the sail is blown outwards and one of the cords has come loose in the strong wind. Because of this storm, the boats are forced to land on the estate of Count Guy of Ponthieu, who threw Harold in jail with all his crew.

This full-colour pattern chart is printed on a large 60cm x 29cm sheet of paper. It is presented in a Sajou folder.

Size of motif : 370 points 95 points.
If sewn on 12 count embroidery linen: 62cm x 16cm.

To respect the historic spirit of Bayeux Tapestry, this motif should be sewn on sand coloured embroidery linenTo embroider you will need the following Laine Saint-Pierre cards: 
422 x 3 - 450 x 2 - 648 x 1 - 762 x 3, 814 x 1 - 845 x 2 - 930 x 1.

You can find the complete kit for this pattern here.
The motif Harold's boat can also be found on our box to embroider.

Bayeux Tapestry official website : click here

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