Laine Saint-Pierre 120 card display

Haberdashery display containing 120 Laine Saint-Pierre cards

250,00 €


120 cards Laine Saint-Pierre display

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Haberdashery display containing a selection of 120 Laine Saint-Pierre cards in 24 colours.
Each card contains 10 metres of thread in four strands.

The price includes 5 cards in each of the 24 following colours:

- 645 (dark navy), 690 (lavender), 740 (azure), 615 (lupin), 605 (mauve), 618 (blackcurrant), 626 (sloe), 538 (fuchsia), 586 (pink), 596 (dusky pink), 450 (copper), 534 (vermilion), 387 (mandarine), 360 (gold), 785 (lime), 868 (lawn green), 800 (emerald), 945 (shetland green), 762 (petrol), 835 (bottle green), 484 (reseda), 218 (buff) 305 (string) and 310 (seal).

This display is decorated on the top with a large round Laine Saint-Pierre label (15cm diametre).
Dimensions: height -57.7cm, width – 48cm, depth – 3cm. With 24 hooks.
Four holes will enable you to screw it onto a wall.
Total weight with packaging: 2.5kg

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