Large waxing bobbin Sajou Articles de Mercerie label

Large waxing bobbin Sajou Articles de Mercerie label

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Articles de Mercerie labels large wooden waxing spool

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Articles de Mercerie large wooden spool.

This spectacular bobbin is a reproduction of those used in factories for waxing threads.
It measures 18cm high and the diametre of the flange is 8cm.

Normally these bobbins are used for professional purposes and are not labelled, but we couldn’t resist dressing them up a bit! This is our fetish Sajou Articles de Mercerie model.

These bobbins are installed on large glazing machines which pass the thread through a dip of starch and beeswax.
On one side of the machine the thread is unwound, passed through the dip, brushed with horsehair, stretched then is rewound on these large bobbins on the other side of the machine. It is then rewound onto smaller spools.

This is how the Fil au Chinois lin câblé corded thread is made.

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