Sajou dressmakers' steel extra fine n°4 pins Jouy Coquecigrues motif

Dressmakers' steel extra fine n°4 pins - Jouy Coquecigrues

4,67 €


200 classic dressmaker's pins box –  Coquecigrues label

Box Coquecigrues motif.

Small rectangular transparent box containing roughly 200 classic dressmakers' pins, extra fine n°4. Decorated with a "indienne" motif paper, a re-edition of a fabric once printed at the Jouy Oberkampf Manufactory.
This motif has been named Coquecigrues, a cotton fabric printed around 1790-1800. The coquecigrue is a fantasy animal made up of no less than a cockeral, a crane and a stork…

Dimensions of box: 6cm x 4cm x 0.5cm.
To open this box without damaging the label, use a cutter to slit the sides.

All our pins and needles are MADE IN FRANCE.

This box is part of the Sajou for the Toile de Jouy Museum collection,
fruit of a partnership between Maison Sajou and the museum. It is the latest addition
to our Museums and Heritage section, whose goal is to help people discover
the French textile heritage and its’ history. Storage boxes, haberdashery items, paper rolls,
but also embroidery pattern charts using the theme of fabrics once printedat the Oberkampf manufactory, can all be found in the Sajou for the Toile de Jouy Museum section.

Click here to go directly to the Toile de Jouy Museum website.

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