Sajou boiled wool swatch - 50 x 70cm - Colour Plum

Boiled wool swatch - 50 x 70cm - Colour Plum

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Plum colour – boiled wool fabric swatch

Boiled wool swatch - 50 x 70cm - colour Plum

Boiled wool is a great fabric for making small bags and pouches or even making cushions or lining plaids.

The best thing about boiled wool is that it doesn't fray and doesn't need a seam. Another advantage is that it doesn't pill or crease.

This is a wool fabric that has been "fulled"or felted, making it compact, solid and rainproof. It has a supple and soft texture.

It should not be confused with felt: boiled wool is a noble material made of woven wool, whereas felt is made from synthetic fabrics.

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