Embroidery floss cone Sajou Retors du Nord n°2332 Auburn

Embroidery floss cone Sajou Retors du Nord 2332 - Auburn

75,00 €



Cone Auburn 2332 Retors du Nord embroidery

Colour 2332 - Auburn.
Length on each cone: 1 000 metres in four strands.
Diametre of the cone: 11.5cm

ATTENTION: this thread is available on order.
Delivery time may vary.

For ecological reasons, Retors du Nord thread is not colourfast.
To make a thread colourfast involves using highly polluting treatments, for us, totally unjustified for embroidery purposes.
However, it can be washed up to 40°C - just be careful never to use boiling water or bleach.

For this thread, a printed colour chart is available.

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