mauve Sajou album n°107 : 3 alphabets in cross stitch

Sajou album reedition Mauve series n°107

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Reedition of 107 mauve Sajou album cross stitch

Reedition Sajou mauve album n° 107.
This cross stitch album has three alphabets, two spread over a double page and two disposed over two double pages.
The alphabets can be embroidered in the style of vintage samplers.
For the one on two double pages, embroider the second part underneath rather than by the side. 

Each double page of pattern is approximately 127 points high, 180 points wide.
Closed album format : 10 x 15cm.
opened album format (cover included) : 15 x 100cm.
ISBN : 978-2-35786-040-7

This brochure is part of a series of 8.

Discover our Mauve Album Boxed set, containing the complete collection of this mauve series.
Also available : the pattern to embroider the cover of this album and the Sajou poster representing the complete mauve album series.

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