Blue Sajou album n°6 : 4 alphabets and numbers

Sajou album n° 6 - blue series - Re-edition

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Reedition of Sajou vintage album n°6 small cross stitch letters

Re-edition Sajou blue album N° 6.

This cross stitch album contains four alphabets on double pages and a series of numbers.

Each double complete page of pattern is approximately 80 points high, 108 points wide.

Closed album format : 10 x 15 cm.

Format format (cover included) : 15 x 100 cm.

ISBN : 978-2-35786-031-5

This brochure is part of a series of 8.

Discover our Blue Album Boxed set, containing the complete collection of this blue series.

Also available : the pattern to embroider the cover of this album and the Sajou poster representing the complete blue album series.

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