12 Caudry cocoons box colour lace thread 3078 - Orange

Caudry cocoons box 12 3078 - Orange

23,75 €



Caudry 3078 orange box of 12 cocoons

12 Caudry Cocoons box 3078 – Orange

These Caudry cocoons are slightly finer than our Calais cocoons.

The presentation in small cocoons of 120 metres makes it easy and enjoyable to use. The thread pulls out from the middle avoiding knotting. Each cocoon is labelled and has a number reference.

Caudry cocoons are also available in two assortments of twelve different colours or individually. This colour can be found in the assortment n°2.

This thread can also be used for embroidery.

Our Caudry cocoons are MADE IN FRANCE.



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