Rosette 40 glass headed pins - Toile de Jouy - Marly

Rosette 40 glass headed pins - Toile de Jouy - Marly

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Marly 40 glass headed pin rosette

40 glass headed dressmakers pins, label with Marly paper. The glass is from Murano. 

The rosette is made of white plastic, diametre: 7.5cm.
Dimensions of pins: length, 30mm - diametre: 0.60mm.

Presented in a transparent sachet with a Sajou header.

All our pins and needles are MADE IN FRANCE.

The rosette is covered with two lovely labels. One of them is printed with a pink floral paper, a re-edition of a fabric once printed at the Jouy Oberkampf Manufactory. The motif has been named Marly.

People automatically think about the printed red characters when evoking Toile de Jouy. However, the production at the manufactory was infinitely richer than that: the floral and geometric motifs printed at Jouy are estimated at over 30 000, whereas the character prints only number around 200 motifs.

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