Cross stich pattern chart: Couture collection ribbons

Cross stich pattern chart: Couture collection ribbons

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Couture Collection ribbons in cross stitch

With this pattern chart you can reproduce the seven ribbon motifs in our Couture Collection: polka dots, Eiffel Towers, flowers, embroidery scissors, thimbles and Sajou logo.
Let your imagination run wild and mix ribbons and embroidery for an original arrangement. 

Our Couture Collection ribbons are woven with the same Egyptian cotton thread as our Calais cocoons. This is why we recommend them to get a perfect match with the ribbons.

The colours of the Calais cocoons are: 6534 (red), 6790 (royal blue), 6573 (old rose), 6263 (light beige), 6180 (black), 6931 (bonbon), 6948 (tropical).
Calais thread is indivisible, use one strand over two fabric threads.

Colour impression on A3 format paper (42 x 29.7 cm).

Our patterns are presented in pretty printed folders, the colours vary according to our stocks.
The interior of the folders have printed reminders of the basic embroidery stitches.
Thread and fabric not supplied.

This pattern chart is a gift when you buy any ribbon card
from the Couture Collection.

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