Tapestry assortment needles 5 pieces sharp and round point

5 tapestry needlepoint needles - sizes 1, 3, 16 & 18 sharp & round tip

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5 tapestry and needlepoint needles

5 tapestry and needlepoint needles assortment.

Needle details: 
- tapestry needle (Smyrna) round tip n°1 - length: 70mm - diametre: 3.4mm,
- tapestry needle (Smyrna) round tip n°3 - length: 60mm - diametre: 2mm,
- tapestry needle (Smyrna) sharp tip n°3 - length: 70mm - diametre: 2.3mm, 
- tapestry needle round tip n°16 - length: 55mm - diametre: 1.4mm,
- tapestry needle round tip n°18 - length: 50mm - diametre: 1.2mm.

Presented in a small transparent sachet with Sajou header.

All our pins and needles are MADE IN FRANCE.

See our collection of pattern charts and kits for petit point tapestry.

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