Darning/invisible mending needles assortment 9 pieces

9 darning & invisible mending needles assortment

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9 needles for invisible mending and darning needles

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Nine needles for invisible mending and darning.

Needle details:
- 3 n°1 long darners – length: 66mm – diametre: 0.80mm,
- 3 n°2 long darners – length: 68mm – diametre: 1.3mm,
- 3 n°6 invisible mending – length: 70mm – diametre: 1mm.

Presented in a transparent sachet with Sajou header.

These needles are also available in sachets of 3 per size.

Apart from their traditional use, these darners are also very useful for all sorts of purposes. The n°6 needles are fine and relatively supple, the others are extremely solid with a large eye for thicker threads.

All our needles are MADE IN FRANCE.

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