Sajou non-symetrical dressmakers scissors 18cm

Dressmakers scissors - Non-symetrical - 18cm

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Bevellled blades dressmaker's scissors 18 cm

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A classic pair of dressmaker’s scissors measuring 18cm, or in imperial measures, 6.5 inches. There is always a possibility of a slight difference in size for these larger scissors, as hot-forging can result in a slight shrinkage of a couple of millimetres.

Scissors with bevelled blades like these are called camard, an old French word meaning flat nose.
It is known as non-symetrical because the finger rings are of different sizes which makes gripping more comfortable. In french this is type of scissor is also known as plough handles (Oreilles de charrue).
These scissors are signed Nogent after a town in Haute-Marne with a reputation for high-quality scissor and cutlery production since the 19th.

These scissors are presented in a strong canvas pouch for protection.
A Sajou label is sewn on the front and the pouch is closed by a drawstring.
A Sajou ribbon is fixed on one handles.

Length: 18cm.
Weight: 110g.

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