Basketweawe tapestry pattern chart: cement tile Lagorce model

Basketweave tapestry pattern chart: cement tile Lagorce model

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Lagorce green and dark red colours tapestry pattern chart

This green and dark red basketweave pattern chart comprises three elements: an angle, a border and a central motif. The three are repetitive so you can create a tapestry to the size you want.

On 5.2 point mono canvas, each element of the motif measures 3.8cm.
Calculate the amount of canvas you will need in function of the number of times you want to repeat angles, border and central design.

This full-colour pattern chart is printed on A3 paper and is accompanied by an explanation of basketweave stitch.
If you have never tried needlepoint tapestry, this explanation is ideal for starting.

This model is sewn using Laine Saint-Pierre in the following colours: 360, 450, 800, 880 and 922.
We recommand our 5.2 point mono canvas.

Presented in a Sajou folder.
Also available as a complete
kit to make a 20cm square cushion.

Tapestry is an excellent alternative to cross-stitch for those
who find their eyesight dwindling.
The warp and weft is much more visible making it quicker to sew.

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