Tacking thread 1 700 m cone - Sky blue

Cotton tacking thread cone 1 700m - 742 - Sky blue

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Col. 742 – tacking thread sky blue 1 700m cone

Colour: 742 - Sky blue.

Weight of cone: 100g (approx. 1 700 metres).
Height of reel: 11.5cm - Diametre: approx. 7.5cm.

Tacking thread, as the name indicates, is used for tacking together different pieces of fabric before sewing them together definitively.
It traditionally comes in colours, so that, whatever the colour of the fabric, the thread stands out against it, making it easier to remove afterwards.

Attention : these threads presented on cones are available on order.
Delivery times can vary according colours and quantities.

This tacking thread is also available in 340m reels and 850m cones.

As well as all Fil Au Chinois sewing threads, this product is MADE IN FRANCE.