Romantic Sewing Set

Marie Suarez for Sajou Romantic sewing set

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Cross stitch pattern and template for a sewing basket Marie Suarez

Romantic Sewing set with large and small baskets, scissor case and pin cushion.

This pattern contains instructions for:
- a large basket measuring 12cm each side and 7cm high,
- a small basket 5cm each side and 4cm high,
- a 3cm square pin cushion,
- a scissor case 11 x 5cm,
- a small 3.5cm square cushion.

Sajou products necessary:
- 50 x 70 pearl grey coloured swatch of 12 threads/cm linen fabric,
- one card of each colours Retors du Nord embroidery thread: 2832 - 2009 - 2196, 
- one card of Laine Saint-Pierre n°814.

Some works require wadding, iron-on interfacing, cardboard or Rhodoid. You will find the details on the back of each folder.

Presented in a Sajou folder. The stitches are explained on the inside of each folder. The patterns are printed in colour and in large format, making them easy to follow. Explanations in French, English and German.

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